Saturday, January 5, 2013

What Does Mom Really Stand For?

Kid- " Mom, Can I have $20?"

Me- "What do you think I am made of money?"

Kid- " Isnt that what Mom stands for? " ( Made OMoney)

OMG. I kid you not! This came out of one of the kids mouths last week. She meant it as a joke and was laughing till her guts were going to burst. I was crackin' up alongside with her. She saw it somewhere online and had been waiting for the right time to use it on me.

This is what I get for raising kids with a sense of humor  *facepalm*

It came up in a conversation today with another mom. About how often a day I have to "budget" in my mind. Food shopping, gas, future clothing sprees, vacations, family events and just general things. I seem to have some kind of eternal calculator running non-stop in my head.

It NEVER shuts off. NEVER.

The neighborhood girl scout girl showed up. And OF COURSE, we have to have those cookies!
Its a must.
Its a treat.
Its a yearly reward and we fall victim to  those little eyelashes, wide-eyes and curly blond ringlets. No one can say no to that. Its marketing at its finest.

And again the daily calculator is guessing, adding, subtracting and fine-tuning my budget. Will I have funds? What will I give up for this and how to work around whatever else I need or will need in the next few minutes, days or weeks. Its endless. It feels like a burden. It's in almost every thought I have. Whenever I'm cooking, I'm splitting up the meats so it covers two meals instead of one. Saving half of my dinner so I eat it for my lunch the following day.  Is it supposed to be this much mental work?

Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed. I  would love to just think or plan something without the calculator ringing up the new total. Its not going to happen. This is part of being an adult.

My truth. My life. My way.

So my new plan is...  BEDAZZLE the heck out of the calculator. Decorate it and maybe jack it up an awesome music score. Everytime I have to "calculate".. I want to hear an kick-ass song. Something with a beat and that ROCKS.

Right now I've got "She works hard for the Money" in my head." Its got a good beat. :) I need more songs on my playlist. * calculator ringing again... argh*...


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